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NBA Totals Picks Expert Over Under The Total Predictions 5/21/2019


The two teams expected to fulfill in the Eastern Conference Finals will do exactly that starting tonight when the Toronto Raptors travel to Milwaukee to the opening match of the collection. The total opened at 218 and is currently 217.5 using two-thirds of the wagers coming in around the under in a small surprise, as the public will enjoy overs, but not so far in this one.
The most surprising thing in relation to the total is not the variety of wagers on the under, but instead is that the lack of movement, as.5 isn’t that large of a move taking into consideration the amount of wagers, particularly to get a playoff game where more bettors are involved on a regular basis.
The teams were fairly inconsistent with their regular season games, as the Bucks won the first game 124-109, but then escaped using a 104-99 victory in Toronto in the rematch. The Raptors came off with a 123-116 victory in Milwaukee and the Bucks took the season series with a 105-92 win in Toronto in January, so it has been 3.5 months since the teams confronted.
There are a couple of different ways of looking at this one, with all the most evident being the 2 games played in Milwaukee were certainly the two highest-scoring games the teams have played, while the two in Toronto were more defensive conflicts.
The first game found 198 attempted field objectives, which was easily the greatest of the three games, as others watched 181, 163 and 172. There were 27 and 30 joint free throws attempted in the two games that landed beneath the complete and 47 and 58 foul shots shot from both games that landed over the number, so once again, a correlation between free throws and overs comes into play.
With the Bucks stinking it up offensively from the Celtics, have to think they will put a bit more focus on crime here, but the key is the way the Raptors strategy the match, as they lost both low-scoring games and split both which saw more points, so can view Toronto trying to play at a quicker tempo. Toronto added Gasol because the Bucks saw them last, while Milwaukee added Mirotic in the deadline.
A bit of a tough game to get a grip on, but likely to have a shot on the above. Can’t discount the two games played in Milwaukee and wouldn’t be surprised to find that the Raptors attempt to fit Milwaukee on the scoreboard.
Two games on today’s slate, where the two favorites to win every summit, Milwaukee and Golden State, are awaiting the winners to acquire the conference finals started.

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