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What Makes Tiffany Diamonds Worth Your Money?

What Makes Tiffany Diamonds Worth Your Money?

Though both wedding rings and engagement rings are symbols of love, they have different styles and meanings. Have you considered a cushion or oval shaped diamond? How about a sapphire, emerald, or moissanite gemstone?

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How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

Cheaper prices: Since James Allen is an online store and does not stock their own diamonds, they save a lot on overhead. This allows them to offer better pricing to customers. In our research, we’ve found that James Allen’s prices are as much as 40% cheaper than physical stores.

According to our study, the average engagement ring size falls between one to one-and-a-half carats. Roughly half of all engagement rings fall between one and two carats, with just 25 percent of rings sizing above two carats. James Allen to offer the best selection and price for diamonds online. Search their websites for loose diamonds — all of which are conflict free. In most cases, engagement rings are 30-40% cheaper online than they are in physical stores.

James Allen is the #1 place to buy a diamond online for 2020. Before you buy a ring, view this diamond inspiration gallery for examples of engagement rings you should not ignore. Instead of overspending at a local jeweler, consider checking prices online. Two trustworthy retailers are Blue Nile (read review) and James Allen (read review). You might also consider Brilliant Earth (read review) for lab-created diamonds.

White Gold 2 1/6 Diamond Fashion Ring

But the conditions are pretty strict. Upgrade PolicyAny loose diamond purchased from James Allen can be exchanged at 100% credit for any replacement diamond of at least 2X or greater value.

  • You can also protect the rock in a bezel setting.
  • I have a gorgeous 2 carat ring and it cost about $1700.
  • The craftsmanship on all those tiny little diamonds on the pave band was excellent.
  • «You’ll have overall price savings and still have a diamond ring that looks like a one-carat ring,» he says.
  • It reinforces the old sex roles which, in this case, benefits women.
  • I am not engaged, and while I would love for my boyfriend to spend $20k (the price of his car) on an engagement ring, I have common sense.


For one, last time I checked, my 67 Z/28 Camaro sitting in my garage is worth about 20x what it was brand new back in 1967 (so much for depreciation there). Now, if you’re raking in a lot of money, then spending money on a ring shouldn’t be an issue. Some people actually like to save money though. and some women don’t want their man to spend a lot on their engagement rings either.

James Allen does provide 360-degree videos of all diamonds so you can judge if it looks eye-clean. ResizingAll engagement rings and wedding bands, excluding eternity bands and alternative metals, may be resized once for free within the first year of purchase. Now let’s take a look at how James Allen compares to other popular places to buy engagement rings. We’ll go over some important factors to consider and why you may prefer one over the other. First, the ring box itself is packaged inside an elegant white and silver keepsake box.

Classic and flattering, the emerald diamond offers more value than other cuts. But is it the right one for your loved one’s finger? Here is what to know about emerald engagement rings. But «best cut» really depends on your personal preference. Some women love the timeless beauty of a round diamond.

I’ve been searching other jewelers and they seem to be more expensive given Costco’s price for a 14kt white gold is only $789. Do you think this is a decent buy or should I look somewhere else with diamond certificates and all that. For round diamonds, a Very Good cut is basically telling you to stone is mediocre. The SAME RULES CANNOT BE APPLIED TO PRINCESS CUT DIAMONDS (it’s a fancy shaped stone).

Our expert customer service team is happy to help you find the perfect engagement ring online with Diamond Nexus. The 2.60-carat emeralds & princess cut diamond rings price was $14,500.00, and its reduced cost is $3,553.99 for a discount of 75.5%. Find other top-quality engagement rings cheap including 0.85 carat, 0.65 carat, and 0.95 carat rings also. Fast-forward to the 1880s when diamonds were discovered in South Africa.

What is a good quality diamond for an engagement ring

While the vast majority of men don’t wear engagement rings in our society, some choose to do so based on what they believe it represents. In these circumstances, the engagement ring still stands front and center in the act of proposing marriage and men may be presented with one to wear during the engagement period.

But that doesn’t mean you need to pay for one that long. Every diamond is inspected by James Allen’s in-house experts before being shipped to you.

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