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Cuban Frank Sanchez Faure will rise past Britain’s heavyweights, says co-manager Michael Borao

Cuban dangerman Frank Sanchez Faure would confront Anthony Joshua»immediately», but may soon rise beyond Britain’s heavyweights, states co-manager Michael Borao.
Victor Bisbal blasted out a month, his 13th straight triumph in under two years, and he’ll resume his march up the positions in November.
Co-manager Borao states Sanchez Faure is not daunted by the prospect of facing any rivals, although the likes of Joshua, also can be convinced his potential will be fulfilled by Cuba’s former winner as a professional.
Borao told Sky Sports:»Frank would consider a fight against one of UK’s large names immediately, particularly Anthony Joshua, however, the more likely scenario for Frank is to keep on making a name for himself fighting on US tv during the subsequent 12 weeks.
«Frank is only 13-0 however has fought in the front of tens of thousands of individuals on FOX and won the NABO title.
«He will fight on US television in November and that I believe will quickly progress past different prospects in the US and UK because of his amazing amateur pedigree, mix of speed, energy, along with an unmatched desire to win»
Sanchez Faure was training alongside compatriot Luis’King Kong’ Ortiz, who’s expected later this year to face WBC champion Deontay Wilder again at a rematch.

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