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⁽Disney Plus⁾ Movie Avengers: Endgame

actors Mark Ruffalo
3H 1 Minute
Directed by Anthony Russo
creator Bill Mantlo
country USA

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Let me first tell you that I am a big fan of the marvel movie franchise. Never read any comic book. I generally enjoy superhero movies.
This review would be disliked but I have to say this, this was the worst marvel movie after iron Man 2 for me. Some movies have loopholes in their script but this movie has some script in the loopholes.
I guess this movie is getting such high reviews(near fight club and Lord of the rings) as people are emotional about the characters and they would think with their heart and not their brain. But if you actually think about the movie, that is, take your brain with you to the theatre, you would start observing the huge loopholes.
And I do want to clear it out that I am not a person who is very picky about the story. I accept some flaws in a movie. But in this movie there are so many flaws that it becomes hardly acceptable.
It was so bad that it killed all my interest in future superhero movies.

I thought the Infinity Wars was bad, but this has brought Marvel/Disney to a new low. The idea of going back in time and changing the present is as old as the hills, but it also opens Pandora’s Box. It means you can do it again and again. Which negates the foundation of reality. This plot, unlike the last Avenger’s movie, relies on pseudo-science instead of the supernatural. I love science fiction, but this was anything but. Spoiler: Stark looking at a Mobius Strip and somehow realizing time travel was possible was painful to watch. So then they go back in time, make everything hunky dory, as it was before Thanos, but Ironman get killed in the process. So not only did Marvel kill off it’s number one action hero (at the box office) but it showed the world that nothing bad can ever happen, because we can simply go back in time and make it better. Interesting how all the characters scoffed at the idea as well, before they actually did it. Time travel movies are fun, but only if they can never be repeated. Using it as a plot device to restore everything to as it was before, was just a cheap trick. I would have been more impressed if Dr. strange found a new set of stones and changed everything back. As a Marvel fan from the Silver Age of Marvel (1960s &70s) I wish Disney would have stuck to the comic magazines closer and not tried to bring the Marvel universe to a depressing conclusion.

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Boring, predictable and corny. Thor was the only good thing. Absolute trash.


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