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I spent the entire day yesterday attempting to make a pocket mask. The sample I printed out on adobe was too huge for the dimensions passioncom cloth you said. I measured the line at the bottom and it measured 2″.

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I tried simply tracing the sample on the grid paper and that got here out too small even though I added the correct seam allowances. I’m not excellent at this but want to make some masks for my niece who is an er nurse at Boston hospital. Thanks for the excellent sample I’ve additionally added 2 tucks so it suits neater both facet of the nostril, there’s been a lot of talk of the materials to make use of.

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For anybody who commented on whether masks like these are CDC or EPA approved, or are in any way acceptable to be used by medical professionals in a medical setting, I think it’s apparent they’re not. These patterns are for use by ordinary folks who would like any sort of protection over none in any respect. Regarding the discomfort of the elastic ear loops, you can also make a cloth sleeve or casing for the elastic and perhaps add 1/4″ additional on that edge of each piece to account for the added bulk. To make this step easier, simply use some bias tape and sew it closed lengthwise. I simply used 10” of 1/4” flat elastic on all sides.

Sew your center seam on print after which liner. Turn under every brief end of the liner material twice neatly. (This will assist create a pocket, so you may add a breathable layer later.) With proper sides of these pieces together, sew throughout the highest seam. Now sew throughout the bottom seam, stop & reduce threads.

You can now make a little pocket 1/4″ wide on your wire by starting sewing 2” to the left of your nose seam throughout, continuing 2” to the right of your nostril seam, backing up. Turn underneath your print ends and insert elastic or ribbon as desired.

It should be washed everyday that you simply use it. I sewed a couple in a different way and suppose it may be what you want.

I then threaded it through, which was actually tight. Next time I will leave greater than an inch of inseam on the entrance fabric to make the elastic sleeve barely bigger. I overlapped the elastic by three/four” of an inch and used a zig zag stitch to close the loop. This suits over my ears fairly comfortably, although possibly not fairly comfortable enough to be safest.

I have never seen anyone “iron” seams with their fingers but you appear to do this completely. I discovered a number of stitching suggestions by watching this video several times. Everyone is sewing masks now and I actually have tried a pair varieties. My husband likes your sample and it matches his face with higher protection than many others.

I even have a pal who pilfered elastic from an old fitted sheet. PJ bottoms may need elastic in the waist as nicely. I am a starting seamstress and was able to comply with these instructions. My machine doesn’t work fairly as easily as your’s but this was very do-ready and the completed product looks very nice.

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